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Against The Giants

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There are 60 figures in this set.
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Fantasy Figures
Release Date: 
# Mini Rarity Size
1 Shocktroop Devil Rare Large
2 Voracious Ice Devil Rare Large
3 Deathpriest of Orcus Uncommon Medium
4 Degenerate Cultist of Orcus Common Medium
5 Gnaw Demon Common Small
6 Efreeti Flamestrider Rare Large
7 Visceral Devourer Uncommon Medium
8 Dorsain, the Ghoul King Rare Medium
9 Thunderblast Cyclone Uncommon Huge
10 Yuan-Ti Anathema Rare Huge
11 Elder Red Dragon Rare Huge
12 Fire Titan Rare Huge
13 Armored Guulvorg Uncommon Huge
14 Bugbear Lancebreaker Uncommon Medium
15 Dragonborn Defender Rare Medium
16 Dragonborn Myrmidon Rare Medium
17 Dwarf Warsword Uncommon Medium
18 Feybound Halfling Uncommon Small
19 Fire Giant Raider Rare Large
20 Fist of Moradin Uncommon Medium
21 Goblin Runner Common Small
22 Hobgoblin Guard Common Medium
23 Mighty Blademaster Rare Medium
24 Skullcleave Warrior Rare Medium
25 Tiefling Gladiator Rare Medium
26 Fire Bat Uncommon Medium
27 Orc Zombie Common Medium
28 Plaguechanged Ghoul Uncommon Medium
29 Shadow Hulk Rare Huge
30 Xorn Ravager Uncommon Medium
31 Cave Bear Uncommon Medium
32 Cockatrice Uncommon Medium
33 Earth Titan Uncommon Huge
34 Flamescorched Kobold Common Small
35 Furious Owlbear Rare Large
36 Galeb Duhr Common Medium
37 Lizardfolk Raider Uncommon Medium
38 Shifter Claw Adept Uncommon Medium
39 Storm Giant Thunderer Rare Large
40 Angel of Retribution Rare Large
41 Captain of the Watch Uncommon Medium
42 Chain Golem Uncommon Huge
43 Cloaktrick Rogue Rare Medium
44 Half-Elf Assassin Uncommon Medium
45 Eladrin Pyromancer Uncommon Medium
46 Golden Wyvern Initiate Uncommon Medium
47 Tomebound Arcanist Rare Medium
48 Blazing Skeleton Uncommon Medium
49 Boneclaw Impaler Rare Large
50 Death Titan Rare Huge
51 Lurking Wraith Uncommon Medium
52 Young Adamantine Dragon Rare Large
53 Black Root Treant Uncommon Huge
54 Enormous Carrion Crawler Uncommon Huge
55 Hellwasp Uncommon Medium
56 Ochre Jelly Common Medium
57 Ravenous Dire Rat Common Medium
58 Roper Rare Large
59 Elder White Dragon Rare Huge
60 Elf Arcane Archer Uncommon Medium