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Fantasy Figures
# Mini Rarity Size
1 Dread Guard Promo Medium
2 Scarlet Brotherhood Monk Promo Medium
3 Mad Slasher Promo Medium
4 Grim Necromancer Promo Medium
5 Weretiger Promo Large
6 Xorn Promo Medium
7 Fiendish Girallon Promo Large
8 Demonic Gnoll Archer Promo Medium
9 Celestial Giant Stag Beetle Promo Large
10 Duergar Slaver Promo Medium
11 Kuo-Toa Hunter Promo Medium
12 Cyclops Promo Large
13 Shadow Demon Promo Medium
14 Furious Owlbear Promo Large
15 Ogre Pulverizer Promo Large