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Fantasy Figures
Release Date: 
# Mini Rarity Size
1 Champion Of Yondalla Rare Small
2 Couatl Rare Large
3 Dwarf Artificer Uncommon Medium
4 Dwarf Caver Uncommon Medium
5 Dwarf Phalanx Soldier Uncommon Medium
6 Dwarf Samurai Rare Medium
7 Gold Dragon Rare Medium
8 Skullclan Hunter Uncommon Small
9 Soldier of Thrane Uncommon Medium
10 Valorous Prince Rare Medium
11 Warforged Wizard Uncommon Medium
12 Whirling Steel Monk Uncommon Medium
13 Celestial Dire Badger Common Medium
14 Catfolk Wilder Uncommon Medium
15 Centaur Hero Rare Large
16 Dark Traveler Uncommon Medium
17 Dragonblade Ninja Uncommon Medium
18 Goliath Barbarian Rare Medium
19 Greenfang Druid Rare Medium
20 Griffon Rare Large
21 Ibixian Common Medium
22 Rask, Half-Orc Chainfighter Rare Medium
23 Renegade Warlock Uncommon Medium
24 Undying Soldier Uncommon Medium
25 Voice of Battle Uncommon Medium
26 Dire Bear Uncommon Large
27 Timber Wolf Common Medium
28 Giant Frog Common Medium
29 Wood Woad Uncommon Medium
30 Ambush Drake Rare Medium
31 Aspect of Nerull Rare Large
32 Beholder Rare Large
33 Death Knight Rare Medium
34 Goblin Adept Common Small
35 Grell Uncommon Medium
36 Grim Necromancer Uncommon Medium
37 Kruthik Hatchling Common Small
38 Large Blue Dragon Rare Large
39 Mummy Lord Rare Medium
40 Skeletal Dwarf Common Medium
41 Skullcrusher Ogre Uncommon Large
42 Spectre Rare Medium
43 Spellstiched Hobgoblin Zombie Common Medium
44 Thaskor Rare Large
45 Warpriest of Hextor Rare Medium
46 Bloodhulk Fighter Uncommon Medium
47 Boneclaw Rare Large
48 Bullywug Thug Common Medium
49 Burning Skeleton Uncommon Medium
50 Deathlock Common Medium
51 Dolgrim Uncommon Medium
52 Ettin Skirmisher Rare Large
53 Fiendish Monstrous Scorpion Rare Large
54 Flind Captain Uncommon Medium
55 Forest Troll Uncommon Medium
56 Kenku Sneak Common Medium
57 Orc Savage Common Medium
58 Ravenous Vampire Rare Medium
59 Vampire Spawn Uncommon Medium
60 Zombie White Dragon Rare Large