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Dungeons of Dread

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Fantasy Figures
Release Date: 
# Mini Rarity Size
1 Dwarf Warlord Uncommon Medium
2 Angel of Valor Rare Medium
3 Cleric of Pelor Uncommon Medium
4 Halfling Paladin Uncommon Small
5 Young Silver Dragon Rare Large
6 Elf Archer Common Medium
7 Death Knight Rare Medium
8 Orc Raider Common Medium
9 Young Red Dragon Rare Large
10 Gargoyle Uncommon Medium
11 Oni Rare Large
12 Chillborn Common Medium
13 Drow Spiderguard Uncommon Medium
14 Eye of Flame Rare Large
15 Immolith Rare Large
16 Shadow Demon Uncommon Medium
17 Warrior Wight Uncommon Medium
18 Howling Hag Uncommon Medium
19 Magma Brute Uncommon Large
20 Vrock Rare Large
21 Ascendant Hellsword Rare Medium
22 Rakshasa Baron Rare Medium
23 Vampire Spawn Common Medium
24 Champion of Baphomet Rare Large
25 Balhannoth Rare Large
26 Mind Flayer Scourge Rare Medium
27 Troglodyte Bonecrusher Common Medium
28 Vampire Vizier Rare Medium
29 Ice Archon Uncommon Medium
30 Lamia Rare Medium
31 Gnoll Marauder Common Medium
32 Bugbear Headreaver Uncommon Medium
33 Dwarf Shieldmaiden Uncommon Medium
34 Goblin Picador Common Medium
35 Human Fighter Uncommon Medium
36 Iron Defender Common Medium
37 Dire Wolf Uncommon Large
38 Ettin Jack of Irons Rare Large
39 Everfrost Ranger Uncommon Medium
40 Griffon Rare Large
41 Kobold Archer Common Small
42 Wyvern Rare Large
43 Defiant Rake Uncommon Medium
44 Emerald Orb Wizard Rare Medium
45 Grick Common Medium
46 Spectral Magelord Rare Medium
47 Tiefling Warlock Uncommon Medium
48 Warforged Infiltrator Uncommon Medium
49 Runecarved Eidolon Rare Medium
50 Drow Wand Mage Uncommon Medium
51 Shade Knight Uncommon Medium
52 Skeletal Tomb Guardian Rare Medium
53 Bulette Uncommon Large
54 Deathjump Spider Common Medium
55 Fen Hydra Rare Large
56 Giant Centipede Common Medium
57 Hook Horror Uncommon Large
58 Shadow Hunter Bat Uncommon Medium
59 Spectral Panther Uncommon Medium
60 Bralani Rare Medium