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Giants of Legend

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There are 72 figures in this set.
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Fantasy Figures
Release Date: 
# Mini Rarity Size
1 Bronze Wyrmling Uncommon Small
2 Dwarf Sergeant Uncommon Medium
3 Standard Bearer Uncommon Medium
4 Stone Golem Rare Large
5 Sword of Glory Uncommon Medium
6 Warforged Fighter Uncommon Medium
7 Warmage Uncommon Medium
8 Young Master Rare Medium
9 Aramil, Adventurer Uncommon Medium
10 Eberk, Adventurer Uncommon Medium
11 Protectar Uncommon Medium
12 Regdar, Adventurer Uncommon Medium
13 Basilisk Uncommon Medium
14 Deepshadow Elf Uncommon Medium
15 Fire Genasi Dervish Rare Medium
16 Githyanki Renegade Rare Medium
17 Half-Giant Psychic Warrior Rare Medium
18 Inspiring Marshall Rare Medium
19 Lidda, Adventurer Uncommon Small
20 Medium Astral Construct Common Medium
21 War Chanter Rare Medium
22 Xeph Soulknife Uncommon Medium
23 City Guard Common Medium
24 Crucian Uncommon Medium
25 Dire Wolf Rare Large
26 Mordenkainen the Mage Rare Medium
27 Otyugh Rare Large
28 Bladeling Fighter Common Medium
29 Blue Common Small
30 Dire Rat Common Small
31 Fire Giant Rare Large
32 Hobgoblin Sergeant Common Medium
33 King Snurre Rare Large
34 Lemure Common Small
35 Lizardfolk Rogue Common Medium
36 Lord Soth Rare Medium
37 Manticore Rare Large
38 Rakshasa Rare Medium
39 Scarlet Brotherhood Monk Uncommon Medium
40 Zombie Common Medium
41 Blue Slaad Rare Large
42 Bugbear Footpad Common Medium
43 Displacer Serpent Common Medium
44 Drider Sorcerer Rare Large
45 Drow Fighter Uncommon Medium
46 Drow Rogue Uncommon Medium
47 Ettercap Common Medium
48 Frost Giant Rare Large
49 Ghast Common Medium
50 Gnoll Sergeant Uncommon Medium
51 Grick Common Medium
52 Lareth the Beautiful Rare Medium
53 Lich Necromancer Rare Medium
54 Minotaur Rare Large
55 Minotaur Skeleton Rare Large
56 Orc Brute Common Medium
57 Quasit Uncommon Tiny
58 Red Wyrmling Rare Medium
59 Tanarukk Common Medium
60 Werewolf Uncommon Medium
61 Huge Gold Dragon Rare Huge
62 Cloud Giant Uncommon Huge
63 Storm Giant Rare Huge
64 Treant Uncommon Huge
65 Warforged Titan Rare Huge
66 Behir Rare Huge
67 Bulette Uncommon Huge
68 Fiendish Tyrannosaurus Rex Uncommon Huge
69 Fomorian Uncommon Huge
70 Glabrezu Rare Huge
71 Huge Red Dragon Rare Huge
72 Nightwalker Uncommon Huge