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Monster Manual: Legendary Evils

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Fantasy Figures
Release Date: 
# Mini Rarity Size
1 Adult Brown Dragon Rare Large
2 Air Archon Zephyrhaunt Rare Medium
3 Aurak Draconian Rare Medium
4 Balor Very Rare Huge
5 Barghest Savager Rare Medium
6 Beholder Ultimate Tyrant Very Rare Huge
7 Bolraza, Priestess of Bane Rare Medium
8 Chillfire Destroyer Rare Large
9 Chuul Rare Large
10 Djinn Stormsword Rare Large
11 Doom Dreamer Common Medium
12 Duergar Cleric of Asmodeus Rare Medium
13 Duergar Guard Common Medium
14 Earth Archon Rumbler Rare Medium
15 Elder Green Dragon Very Rare Huge
16 Elder Iron Dragon Very Rare Huge
17 Foulspawn Hulk Rare Large
18 Foulspawn Mangler Rare Medium
19 Foulspawn Seer Rare Medium
20 Frost Titan Very Rare Huge
21 Githerzerai Cenobite Rare Medium
22 Githzerai Mindmage Rare Medium
23 Goblin Cutter Common Small
24 Goristro Very Rare Huge
25 Hezrou Rare Large
26 Hoard Scarab Larva Swarm Common Medium
27 Human Rabble Common Medium
28 Irontooth Rare Small
29 Minotaur Thug Common Medium
30 Psychic Sentinel Rare Large
31 Remorhaz Very Rare Huge
32 Rimefire Griffon Rare Large
33 Salamander Firetail Rare Large
34 Scarecrow Stalker Common Medium
35 Sivak Draconian Rare Large
36 Slaad Spawn Common Small
37 Storm Titan Very Rare Huge
38 Talon Slaad Rare Large
39 War Troll Rare Large
40 Yochlol Tempter Rare Medium