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Fantasy Figures
Release Date: 
# Mini Rarity Size
1 Battle Plate Marshall Rare Medium
2 Dwarf Ancestor Rare Large
3 Earth Shugenja Uncommon Medium
4 Githzerai Monk Uncommon Medium
5 Gold Dwarf Soldier Common Medium
6 Half-Orc Paladin Uncommon Medium
7 Lantern Bearer Uncommon Medium
8 Loyal Earth Elemental Uncommon Large
9 Marut Rare Large
10 Medium Silver Dragon Rare Medium
11 Royal Guard Common Medium
12 Slayer of Domiel Rare Medium
13 Aspect of Kord Rare Large
14 Dromite Wilder Rare Small
15 Elf Stalker Uncommon Medium
16 Elminster of Shadowdale Rare Medium
17 Guenhwyvar Uncommon Medium
18 Half-Ogre Barbarian Uncommon Large
19 Halfling Sneak Common Small
20 Nentyar Hunter Uncommon Medium
21 Rikka, Angelic Avenger Rare Medium
22 Satyr Uncommon Medium
23 Spirit Folk Fighter Common Medium
24 Wizard Tactician Uncommon Medium
25 Iron Golem Rare Large
26 Justicator Rare Large
27 Mercenary Sergeant Common Medium
28 Xorn Uncommon Medium
29 Monitor Lizard Common Medium
30 Ankheg Uncommon Large
31 Xen'drik Champion Rare Medium
32 Artemis Entreri Rare Medium
33 Dark Naga Uncommon Large
34 Dolgaunt Monk Uncommon Medium
35 Duergar Champion Uncommon Medium
36 Half-Orc Executioner Uncommon Medium
37 Helmed Horror Rare Medium
38 Kobold Miner Common Small
39 Skeletal Equiceph Uncommon Large
40 Troglodyte Captain Uncommon Medium
41 Balor Rare Large
42 Dark Creeper Common Small
43 Death Slaad Rare Medium
44 Dire Bat Uncommon Large
45 Draegloth Rare Large
46 Drow Arachnomancer Rare Medium
47 Drow Arcane Guard Uncommon Medium
48 Gray Render Rare Large
49 Grimlock Barbarian Uncommon Medium
50 Half Fiend Ogre Rare Large
51 Hunched Giant Rare Large
52 Large Deep Dragon Rare Large
53 Lolth's Sting Common Medium
54 Mounted Drow Patrol Rare Large
55 Orc Skeleton Common Medium
56 Roper Rare Large
57 Spider of Lolth Common Medium
58 Swarm of Spiders Uncommon Large
59 Troglodyte Barbarian Common Medium
60 Winter Wolf Uncommon Large