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War of the Dragon Queen

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Fantasy Figures
Release Date: 
# Mini Rarity Size
1 Aasimar Fighter Common Medium
2 Aspect of Bahamut Rare Huge
3 Cleric of Syreth Uncommon Medium
4 Dragonborn Fighter Rare Medium
5 Golden Protector Rare Large
6 Meepo, Dragonlord Rare Small
7 Slaughterstone Eviscerator Rare Large
8 Tordek, Dwarf Champion Rare Medium
9 War Weaver Rare Medium
10 Bonded Fire Summoner Uncommon Medium
11 Clawfoot Rider Rare Medium
12 Goliath Cleric of Kavaki Rare Medium
13 Griffon Cavalry Rare Large
14 Small Copper Dragon Uncommon Small
15 Spellscale Sorcerer Rare Medium
16 Storm Archer Uncommon Medium
17 Tavern Brawler Common Medium
18 Warden of the Wood Uncommon Medium
19 Azer Fighter Common Medium
20 Huge Fire Elemental Uncommon Huge
21 Purple Worm Uncommon Huge
22 War Ape Common Medium
23 Wizened Elder Watcher Rare Medium
24 Aspect of Tiamat Rare Huge
25 Blackguard on Nightmare Rare Large
26 Bluespawn Godslayer Uncommon Huge
27 Cadaver Collecter Rare Large
28 Diseased Dire Rat Common Medium
29 Displacer Beast Pack Lord Uncommon Huge
30 Doom Fist Monk Common Medium
31 Dracolich Rare Huge
32 Dragonwrought Kobold Uncommon Small
33 Dread Warrior Common Medium
34 Eldrich Giant Rare Huge
35 Greenspawn Razorfiend Uncommon Large
36 Hobgoblin Talon of Tiamat Rare Medium
37 Kobold Zombie Common Small
38 Large Green Dragon Rare Large
39 Wererat Rogue Uncommon Medium
40 Poison Dusk Lizardfolk Uncommon Small
41 Witchknife Common Medium
42 Blackspawn Exterminator Uncommon Medium
43 Cleric of Laogzed Common Medium
44 Cloudreaver Common Medium
45 Demonic Gnoll Archer Uncommon Medium
46 Huge Fiendish Spider Uncommon Huge
47 Hunting Hyena Common Medium
48 Large Fang Dragon Rare Large
49 Magma Hurler Rare Medium
50 Mountain Troll Uncommon Huge
51 Ogre Skirmisher Uncommon Large
52 Redspawn Firebelcher Rare Large
53 Small Black Dragon Uncommon Small
54 Small Fire Elemental Uncommon Small
55 Sorcerer on Black Dragon Rare Huge
56 Stirge Uncommon Tiny
57 Tundra Scout Rare Huge
58 Twig Blight Common Small
59 Whitespawn Hordeling Common Small
60 Yuan-ti Halfblood Sorcerer Uncommon Medium