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War Drums

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There are 60 figures in this set.
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Fantasy Figures
Release Date: 
# Mini Rarity Size
1 Arcane Ballista Rare Large
2 Arcanix Guard Common Medium
3 Aspect of Moradin Rare Large
4 Axe Soldier Common Medium
5 Combat Medic Uncommon Medium
6 Elemental Wall Uncommon Large
7 Large Bronze Dragon Rare Large
8 Sacred Watcher Uncommon Medium
9 Sand Giant Rare Large
10 Shieldwall Soldier Common Medium
11 Warforged Bodyguard Uncommon Medium
12 Warforged Captain Uncommon Medium
13 Warforged Scout Uncommon Small
14 Warpriest of Moradin Uncommon Medium
15 Brass Samurai Uncommon Medium
16 Dragon Totem Hero Rare Medium
17 Dragonne Rare Large
18 Halfling Slinger Common Small
19 Hunting Cougar Common Medium
20 Lion of Talisid Uncommon Medium
21 Mephling Pyromancer Uncommon Small
22 Steelheart Archer Uncommon Medium
23 Warbound Impaler Rare Large
24 Warforged Barbarian Rare Medium
25 Wemic Barbarian Rare Large
26 Wood Elf Ranger Common Medium
27 Gulgar Rare Large
28 Aspect of Hextor Rare Large
29 Flameskull Uncommon Tiny
30 Goblin Blackblade Common Small
31 Goblin Underboss Uncommon Small
32 Hobgoblin Archer Common Medium
33 Inspired Lieutenant Uncommon Medium
34 Karrnathi Zombie Uncommon Medium
35 Khumat Rare Large
36 Large Duergar Uncommon Large
37 Night Hag Rare Medium
38 Shuluth, Archvillain Rare Medium
39 Skeletal Legionairre Common Medium
40 Snig, Worg Rider Rare Large
41 Terror Wight Common Medium
42 War Troll Rare Large
43 Zakya Rakshasa Rare Medium
44 Blood Ghost Berserker Uncommon Medium
45 Chimera Rare Large
46 Derro Common Small
47 Fiendish Girallon Uncommon Large
48 Frost Dwarf Uncommon Medium
49 Hill Giant Barbarian Uncommon Large
50 Hill Giant Chieftan Rare Large
51 Horde Zombie Common Medium
52 Howling Orc Common Medium
53 King Obould Many-Arrows Rare Medium
54 Ogre War Hulk Rare Large
55 Orc Mauler Common Medium
56 Orc Wardrummer Rare Medium
57 Quaggoth Slave Common Medium
58 Tiefling Blademaster Uncommon Medium
59 Troglodyte Thug Common Medium
60 Warduke Rare Medium