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Elemental Evil

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There are 51 figures in this set.
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45-figure set, plus six "invisible" very-rare minis, plus a gargantuan promo figure.

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Elemental Evil
# Mini Rarity Size
Air Genasi Rogue (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Earth Genasi Fighter (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Forest Gnome Ranger (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Gold Dwarf Guard (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Moon Elf Ranger (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Shield Dwarf Fighter (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
1 Magmin Common Small
2 Forest Gnome Ranger Common Small
3 Svirfneblin Rogue Common Small
4 Fire Snake Common Medium
5 Fire Bat Common Small
6 Pseudodragon Common Small
7 Shield Dwarf Fighter Common Medium
8 Wolf Spider Common Medium
9 Ghoul Common Medium
10 Troglodyte Common Medium
11 Earth Cult Warrior Common Medium
12 Dread Warrior Common Medium
13 Water Cult Warrior Common Medium
14 Air Cult Warrior Uncommon Medium
15 Gold Dwarf Guard Uncommon Medium
16 Wight Uncommon Medium
17 Fire Cult Warrior Uncommon Medium
18 Moon Elf Ranger Uncommon Medium
19 Earth Elemental Uncommon Medium
20 Water Elemental Uncommon Medium
21 Duergar Fighter Uncommon Medium
22 Gnoll Fighter Uncommon Medium
23 Peryton Uncommon Medium
24 Earth Genasi Fighter Uncommon Medium
25 Ogre Uncommon Large
26 Owlbear Uncommon Large
27 Ettin Uncommon Large
28 Fire Elemental Uncommon Large
29 Air Elemental Uncommon Large
30 Solar Angel Uncommon Large
31 Hieracosphinx Uncommon Large
32 Griffon Uncommon Large
33 Air Genasi Rogue Rare Medium
34 Fire Myrmidon Rare Medium
35 Salamander Rare Medium
36 Basilisk Rare Medium
37 Darkenbeast Rare Medium
38 Black Dragon Rare Medium
39 Blue Dragon Rare Medium
40 Green Dragon Rare Medium
41 White Dragon Rare Large
42 Brass Dragon Rare Large
43 Bronze Dragon Rare Large
44 Chimera Rare Large
45 Ancient Silver Dragon Case Incentive Gargantuan