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Monster Menagerie

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There are 55 figures in this set.
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Fantasy Figures

A 45-miniature set, released in April 2016.

Release Date: 
Minis Count: 
Set (Taxonomy): 
Monster Menagerie
# Mini Rarity Size
Bryn Lightfingers, Halfling Ranger (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Displacer Beast (Invisible) Very Rare Large
Ezmeralda D'Avenir (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Faerie Dragon (Invisible) Very Rare Small
Hommet Shaw (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Illydia Maethellyn (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Jarhild Stoneforge (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Larethar Gulgrin (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Phase Spider (Invisible) Very Rare Large
Strahd von Zarovich (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
1 Faerie Dragon Common Small
2 Imp Common Small
3 Will-O'-Wisps Common Small
4 Giant Fire Beetle Common Medium
5 Jarhild Stoneforge Common Medium
6 Larethar Gulgrin Common Medium
7 Specter Common Medium
8 Strahd Zombie Common Medium
9 Wolf Common Medium
10 Mummy Common Medium
11 Dryad Common Medium
12 Skeleton Common Medium
13 Orc Common Medium
14 Mimic Uncommon Medium
15 Satyr Uncommon Medium
16 Githyanki Warrior Uncommon Medium
17 Merfolk Uncommon Medium
18 Medusa Unknown Medium
19 Ghost Uncommon Medium
20 Werewolf Uncommon Medium
21 Bryn Lightfingers, Halfling Ranger Uncommon Medium
22 Hommet Shaw Uncommon Medium
23 Vampire Uncommon Medium
24 Illydia Maethellyn Uncommon Medium
25 Displacer Beast Uncommon Large
26 Swarm of Bats Uncommon Large
27 Unicorn Uncommon Large
28 Phase Spider Uncommon Large
29 Yeti Uncommon Large
30 Gelatinous Cube Uncommon Large
31 Centaur Uncommon Large
32 Bulette Uncommon Large
33 Invisible Stalker Rare Medium
34 Erinyes Rare Medium
35 Lich Rare Medium
36 Rakshasa Rare Medium
37 Succubus Rare Medium
38 Death Knight Rare Medium
39 Ezmeralda D'Avenir Rare Medium
40 Strahd von Zarovich Rare Medium
41 Manticore Rare Large
42 Umber Hulk Rare Large
43 Minotaur Rare Large
44 Young Remorhaz Rare Large
45 Treant Case Incentive Gargantuan