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Icons of the Realms

Tomb of Annihilation

NOTE: This set has not been released yet. Figures and other details are subject to change.
36 of 58 figures revealed (62%).
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Fantasy Figures
Release Date: 
Minis Count: 
Set (Taxonomy): 
# Mini Rarity Size
(Gargoyle) Unknown Medium
(Goblin) Unknown Small
(Stone Juggernaut) Unknown Large
Acererak Unknown Medium
Acererak (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Acererak (Demilich) Skull Promo Small
Aldani Unknown Medium
Archway Promo Large
Asharra Unknown Medium
Asharra (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Blade Trap Promo Medium
Boulder Pile Promo Medium
Couatl Unknown Large
Demon Mouth Statue Promo Large
Draegloth Unknown Large
Duodrone Unknown Medium
Fire Jet Trap Promo Medium
Girallon Unknown Large
Human Ranger Unknown Medium
Magic Glyph Trap Promo Medium
Minsc and Boo Unknown Medium
Monodrone Unknown Medium
Nycaloth Unknown Large
Pile of Gold Promo Medium
Pit Trap Promo Medium
Potion Promo Tiny
Raptor Unknown Medium
Ras Nsi Unknown Medium
Sarcophagus (No Rarity) Large
Scroll Promo Tiny
Shield of Missile Attraction Promo Small
Sword of Sharpness Promo Small
Tabaxi Bard Unknown Medium
Tabaxi Rogue Unknown Medium
Ultroloth Unknown Medium
Valindra Shadowmantle Unknown Medium