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Tomb of Annihilation

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Fantasy Figures
Release Date: 
Minis Count: 
Set (Taxonomy): 
# Mini Rarity Size
Acererak (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Acererak (Demilich) Skull Promo Small
Archway Promo Large
Artus Cimber (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Asharra (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Blade Trap Promo Medium
Boulder Pile Promo Medium
Couatl (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Demon Mouth Statue Promo Large
Dragonbait (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Fire Jet Trap Promo Medium
Magic Glyph Trap Promo Medium
Minsc and Boo (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Nanny Pu'pu (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Pile of Gold Promo Medium
Pit Trap Promo Medium
Potion Promo Tiny
Qawasha (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Sarcophagus (No Rarity) Large
Scroll Promo Tiny
Shield of Missile Attraction Promo Small
Sword of Sharpness Promo Small
Ultroloth (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Valindra Shadowmantle (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
1 Redcap Common Small
2 Batiri Goblin (Unmasked) Common Small
3 Vegepygmy Common Small
4 Zorbo Common Small
5a Velociraptor (Green) Common Small
5b Velociraptor (Red) Unknown Medium
6a Skeleton Key (Cross) Common Medium
6b Skeleton Key (Triangle) Common Medium
6c Skeleton Key (Key) Common Medium
7a Qawasha Common Medium
7b Human Druid Common Medium
8a Orc (Axe) Common Medium
8b Orc (Sword) Common Medium
9 Chultan Zombie Common Medium
10 Monodrone Unknown Medium
11 Su-Monster Common Medium
12a Firenewt (Sword) Common Medium
12b Firenewt (Fire) Common Medium
13 Aldani Uncommon Medium
14 Vegepygmy Chief Uncommon Small
15 Batiri Goblin (Masked) Uncommon Small
16a Skeleton (Knife) Uncommon Medium
16b Skeleton (Shield) Uncommon Medium
17 Aldani (Trident) Uncommon Medium
18 Valindra Shadowmantle Uncommon Medium
19 Duodrone Uncommon Medium
20a Werebear (Axe) Uncommon Medium
20b Werebear (Hammer) Uncommon Medium
21a Tabaxi Minstrel Uncommon Medium
21b Tabaxi Hunter Uncommon Medium
22 Artus Cimber Uncommon Medium
23 Asharra Uncommon Medium
24 Yuan-Ti Broodguard Uncommon Medium
25a Dao (Hammer) Uncommon Large
25b Dao (Rocks) Uncommon Large
26a Merrow (Hook) Uncommon Large
26b Merrow (Trident) Uncommon Large
27 Kamadan Uncommon Large
28 Pterafolk Uncommon Large
29 Giant Scorpion Uncommon Large
30 Mantrap Uncommon Large
31 Girallon Uncommon Large
32a Nycaloth (Axe) Uncommon Large
32b Nycaloth (Sword) Uncommon Large
33 Ras Nsi Rare Medium
34 Ultroloth Rare Medium
35 Nothic Rare Medium
36 Nanny Pu'pu Rare Medium
37 Couatl Rare Large
38 Acererak Unknown Medium
39 Dragonbait Rare Medium
40 Minsc and Boo Rare Medium
41 Marilith Rare Large
42 Draegloth Rare Large
43 Stone Juggernaut Rare Large
44 Giant Four-Armed Gargoyle Rare Large