Pathfinder Battles

Crown of Fangs

NOTE: This set has not been released yet. Figures and other details are subject to change.
41 of 45 figures revealed (91%).
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Fantasy Figures
Release Date: 
Minis Count: 
# Mini Rarity Size
Banshee Uncommon Medium
Bone Devil Uncommon Large
Boy Uncommon Small
Cabbagehead Uncommon Medium
Cinnabar Rare Medium
Court of the Crimson Throne Promo Large
Death Uncommon Large
Dog Common Small
Dream Spider Common Small
Emperor's Thug Common Medium
Fungal Guardian Common Medium
Geist Common Medium
Giant Scorpion Uncommon Large
Giant Spider Uncommon Medium
Girl Uncommon Small
Gray Maiden Captain Uncommon Medium
Grey Maiden Archer Uncommon Medium
Grey Maiden Dragon Rider Rare Large
Grey Maiden Guard Common Medium
Halfling Archer Common Small
Halfling Rogue Common Small
Horned Devil Uncommon Large
Issaya Uncommon Large
Jolistina Susperio Rare Medium
Leukodaemon Uncommon Large
Queen Ileosa Arabasti Rare Medium
Rakshasa Rare Medium
Reclamation Cavalry Rare Large
Reclamation Infantry Common Medium
Reclamation Sky Cavalry Rare Large
Red Mantis Assassin Uncommon Medium
Red Mantis Assassin Uncommon Medium
Red Reaver Uncommon Large
Skeleton Cavalry Rare Large
Skeleton Champion Uncommon Medium
Skeleton Infantry Common Medium
Skeleton Spearman Common Medium
The Emperor Rare Medium
Trinia Sabor Rare Medium
Ury Sevenskulls Rare Medium
Wereboar Uncommon Medium