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Dungeons Deep

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There are 51 figures in this set.
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Fantasy Figures

Released in June 2015. Introduces a new class of Very Rare miniatures called Dungeon Dressing that occurs twice per brick, or every 4 packages.

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Set (Taxonomy): 
Dungeons Deep
# Mini Rarity Size
Anghazan Idol Rare Medium
Bubbling Cauldron Rare Medium
Burning Brazier Rare Medium
Chest Rare Medium
Iron Maiden Rare Medium
Sarcophagus Rare Medium
1 Chupacabra Common Small
2 Nuglub Gremlin Common Small
3 Deinonychus Uncommon Medium
4 Bat Common Small
5 Pukwudgie Common Small
6 Goblin Archer Common Small
7 Mining Beetle Common Small
8 Baykok (No Rarity) Medium
9 Andrazku Demon Common Medium
10 Giant Crawling Hand Common Medium
11 Giant Centipede Common Medium
12 Gnoll Warrior Common Medium
13 Gnoll Slaver Common Medium
14 Mimic Uncommon Medium
15 Gnome Mad Prophet Uncommon Small
16 Dracolisk (No Rarity) Medium
17 Mouth Horror Uncommon Medium
18 Sasquatch Uncommon Medium
19 Elder Thing Uncommon Medium
20 Mi-Go Uncommon Medium
21 Dwarf Barbarian Uncommon Medium
22 Dwarf Sundering Axe Uncommon Medium
23 Dragon Smiter Uncommon Medium
24 Cruel Conjurer Uncommon Medium
25 Dire Bat Uncommon Large
26 Dire Boar Uncommon Large
27 Yithian Uncommon Large
28 Ochre Jelly Uncommon Large
29 Emperor Cobra Uncommon Large
30 Frost Giant Uncommon Large
31 Terror Bird Uncommon Large
32 Griffon Uncommon Large
33 Pickled Punk Rare Small
34 Balazar, Gnome Summoner Rare Small
35 Eidolon Rare Medium
36 Eando Kline Rare Medium
37 Paladin of Abadar Rare Medium
38 Half-Orc Adept Rare Medium
39 Gnoll Spellcaster Rare Medium
40 Gnoll Leader Rare Medium
41 Clockwork Golem Rare Large
42 Bone Golem Rare Large
43 Daughter of Urgathoa Rare Large
44 Veiled Master Rare Large
45 Gargantuan Red Dragon Case Incentive Gargantuan