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The Lost Coast

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There are 45 figures in this set.
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# Mini Rarity Size
1 Goblin Snake Common Small
2 Goblin Druid Common Small
3 Small Air Elemental Common Small
4 Small Earth Elemental Common Small
5 Small Fire Elemental Common Small
6 Small Water Elemental Common Small
7 Id Stalker Common Small
8 Lamashtu Thug 1 Common Medium
9 Squealy Nord Uncommon Small
10 Firepelt Cougar Common Medium
11 Lamashtu Cultist Common Medium
12 Green Hag Common Medium
13 Lamashtu Thug 2 Common Medium
14 Shifty Noble Uncommon Medium
15 Gnome Eldritch Knight Uncommon Small
16 City Watch Sniper Uncommon Medium
17 Elf Archer Common Medium
18 Goblin Mutant Uncommon Medium
19 Brodert Quink Uncommon Medium
20 Shoanti Gladiator Uncommon Medium
21 Sinspawn Champion Uncommon Medium
22 Boggard Warrior Uncommon Medium
23 Leaping Boggard Uncommon Medium
24 Haughty Avenger Uncommon Medium
25 Malagus Kreeg Uncommon Large
26 Conna the Wise Uncommon Large
27 Forest Drake Uncommon Large
28 Giant Frilled Lizard Uncommon Large
29 Leucrotta Uncommon Large
30 Troll Uncommon Large
31 Fire Giant King Rare Large
32 Hill Giant Chief Uncommon Large
33 Alhazra, Human Oracle Rare Medium
34 Damiel, Elf Alchemist Rare Medium
35 Medium Brass Dragon Rare Medium
36 Etainia Rare Medium
37 Justice Ironbriar Rare Medium
38 Lord Mayor Grobaras Rare Medium
39 Thelsikar Rare Medium
40 The Forest Shadow Rare Medium
41 Lamashtu Rare Large
42 Pazuzu Rare Large
43 Large Green Dragon Rare Large
44 Large Bronze Dragon Rare Large
45 Shemhazian Demon Case Incentive Gargantuan