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Pathfinder Battles

Maze of Death

NOTE: This set has not been released yet. Figures and other details are subject to change.
18 of 46 figures revealed (39%).
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Fantasy Figures
Minis Count: 
Set (Taxonomy): 
# Mini Rarity Size
Ghost Fungus Uncommon Medium
Giant Moray Eel Uncommon Large
Huge Air Elemental Promo Huge
Huge Water Elemental Promo Huge
Juju Zombie Uncommon Medium
Large Blue Dragon Rare Large
Large Nightmare Dragon Rare Large
Medium Copper Dragon Rare Medium
Mindfrond Common Medium
Minotaur Artillery Uncommon Large
Minotaur Cleric Uncommon Large
Minotaur Labyrinth Guardian Rare Large
Penanggalen Uncommon Medium
Purple Fungus Common Medium
Sea Drake Uncommon Large
Ulat-Kini Mystic Common Medium
Ulat-Kini Warrior Common Medium
Witchfire Common Medium