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Fantasy Figures
# Mini Rarity Size
Albino Wererat Promo Medium
Bed (Blue) Promo Large
Bloodbriar Goblin Raider Promo Medium
Blue Guard Promo Medium
Bugbear Lurker (Gencon 2016) Promo Medium
Burning Brazier Promo Medium
Duergar Soldier Promo Medium
Festering Spirit Promo Medium
Fire Beetle Promo Small
Goblin Raider Promo Small
Hellfire Wisp Promo Small
Kobold Devilspeaker (Gencon 2016) Promo Small
Konkrud Promo Small
Lava Lurker Promo Medium
Red Dracolisk Promo Medium
Reta's Bridesmaid Promo Small
Shadowfire Elemental Promo Medium
Slaver Demon Promo Medium
Table Promo Large
Thrune Guard Promo Medium