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Rise of the Runelords

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There are 65 figures in this set.
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Fantasy Figures
Release Date: 
# Mini Rarity Size
1 Bugbear Hero Common Medium
2 Goblin Commando Common Medium
3 Goblin Dog Common Medium
4 Goblin Warchanter Common Medium
5 Kobold Champion Common Small
6 Faceless Stalker Common Medium
7 Ghoul Common Medium
8 Harpy Common Medium
9 Ogrekin Common Medium
10 Yeth Hound Common Medium
11 Denizen of Leng Common Medium
12 Redcap Common Small
13 Sinspawn Common Medium
14 Sinspawn Axeman Common Medium
15 Skinsaw Cultist Common Medium
16 Alu-Demon Common Medium
17 Lamia Kuchrima Common Medium
18 Shining Child Common Medium
19 Warrior of Wrath Common Medium
20 Wraith Common Medium
21 Goblin Commando on Goblin Dog Uncommon Medium
22 Jakardros Sovark Uncommon Medium
23 Lyrie Akenja Uncommon Medium
24 Ameiko Kaijitsu Uncommon Medium
25 Harsk, Dwarf Ranger Uncommon Medium
26 Lamia Matriarch Uncommon Large
27 Malfeshnekor Uncommon Large
28 Orik Vandercaskin Uncommon Medium
29 Tsuto Kaijitsu Uncommon Medium
30 Vale Temros Uncommon Medium
31 Kaven Windstrike Uncommon Medium
32 Khalib Uncommon Medium
33 Ogre Uncommon Large
34 Ogre Brute Uncommon Large
35 Seoni, Human Sorcerer Uncommon Medium
36 Shalelu Androsana Uncommon Medium
37 Dire Bear Uncommon Large
37 Viorian Dekanti Uncommon Medium
39 Stone Giant Uncommon Large
40 Stone Giant Champion Uncommon Medium
41 Vraxeris Uncommon Medium
42 Lamia Uncommon Large
43 Wendigo Uncommon Large
44 Yeti Uncommon Large
45 Aldern Foxglove Rare Medium
46 Jaagrath Kreeg Rare Large
47 Lucrecia Rare Medium
48 The Scribbler Rare Medium
49 The Skinsaw Man Rare Medium
50 Highlady Athroxis Rare Medium
51 The Mithral Mage Rare Medium
52 Runelord Karzoug Rare Medium
53 Stone Golem Rare Large
54 Azaven Rare Medium
55 Lamatar Bayden Rare Medium
56 Mokmurian Rare Large
57 Forgefiend Rare Large
58 Nualia Rare Medium
59 Warchief Ripnugget Rare Medium
60 Young Red Dragon Rare Large
61 Karzoug Statue (No Rarity) Huge
62 Lamia Harridan (No Rarity) Huge
63 Storm Giant (No Rarity) Huge
64 Treachery Demon (No Rarity) Huge
65 Colossal Rune Giant Case Incentive Gargantuan