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The Rusty Dragon Inn

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# Mini Rarity Size
Barrel Rare Medium
Bed Rare Medium
Cart Rare Large
Crate Rare Medium
Table Rare Medium
Tavern Bar Promo Huge
Wagon Rare Large
1 Kobold Devilspeaker Common Small
2 Ghoul Cultist Common Medium
3 Ghoul Huntsman Common Medium
4 Farmer Common Medium
5 Vampire Spawn Common Medium
6 Serving Girl Common Medium
7 Bunyip Common Medium
8 Pious Guard Common Medium
9 Cutpurse Common Medium
10 Guard Common Medium
11 Dancing Girl Common Medium
12 Bugbear Mystic Common Medium
13 Bugbear Lurker Common Medium
14 Gnome Wizard Uncommon Small
15 Kobold Trapmaker Uncommon Small
16 Dwarf Bard Uncommon Medium
17 Dwarf Wizard Uncommon Medium
18 Aristocrat Uncommon Medium
19 Ghoul Monarch Uncommon Medium
20 Graceful Slayer Uncommon Medium
21 Riding Dog Uncommon Medium
22 Merchant Uncommon Medium
23 Bugbear Tyrant Uncommon Medium
24 City Watch Commander Uncommon Medium
25 Riding Horse Uncommon Large
26 Draft Horse Uncommon Large
27 Kirrix Uncommon Large
28 Frost Giant Ice Mage Uncommon Large
29 Bugbear Flesh Glutton Uncommon Large
30 Flesh Golem Uncommon Large
31 Gorgon Uncommon Large
32 Beaky Uncommon Large
33 Half-Elf Bard Rare Medium
34 Half-Elf Enchanter Rare Medium
35 Allevrah, Elf General Rare Medium
36 Goblin Vulture Pilot Rare Medium
37 Ghoul Champion Rare Medium
38 Bartender Rare Medium
39 Ranzak Rare Small
40 Cayden Cailean Rare Medium
41 Silver Dragon Rare Large
42 Quivering Cube Rare Large
43 Zilvazaraat Rare Large
44 Orc Rider on Dire Wolf Rare Large