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Shattered Star

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Fantasy Figures
Release Date: 
# Mini Rarity Size
1 Caedimus Common Small
2 Portioque Common Small
3 Mite Common Small
4 Grub Swarm Common Medium
5 Boggard Common Medium
6 Clockwork Soldier Common Medium
7 Tower Girl Common Medium
8 Shadow Hound Common Medium
9 Xulgath Common Medium
10 Medium Air Elemental Common Medium
11 Medium Earth Elemental Common Medium
12 Medium Fire Elemental Common Medium
13 Hell Hound Common Medium
14 Pallid Path Cultist Common Medium
15 Medium Water Elemental Common Medium
16 Mummy Cleric Uncommon Medium
17 Caulborn Uncommon Medium
18 Catfolk Rogue Uncommon Medium
19 Cleric of Zon-Kuthon Uncommon Medium
20 Caryatid Column Uncommon Medium
21 Gray Maiden Uncommon Medium
22 Ravenous Ooze Uncommon Medium
23 Hound of Tindalos Uncommon Medium
24 Mite on Spider Uncommon Medium
25 Nightgaunt Uncommon Medium
26 Shriezyx Uncommon Medium
27 Skeletal Champion Uncommon Medium
28 Night Hag Uncommon Medium
29 Guiltspur Naga Uncommon Large
30 Gug Uncommon Large
31 Hill Giant Uncommon Large
32 Fire Giant Uncommon Large
33 Glass Golem Uncommon Large
34 Iron Golem Uncommon Large
35 Wyvern Uncommon Large
36 Troll Champion Uncommon Large
37 Wrath Demon Uncommon Large
38 Lem, Halfling Bard Rare Small
39 Amiri, Human Barbarian Rare Medium
40 Ardathanatus Rare Medium
41 Koriah Azmeren Rare Medium
42 Natalya Vancaskerskin Rare Medium
43 Xin Rare Medium
44 Oriana, Gray Maiden Commander Rare Medium
45 Runelord Sorshen Rare Medium
46 Sheila Heidmarch Rare Medium
47 Mesmalatu Rare Small
48 Alchemical Golem Rare Large
49 Clockwork Reliquary Rare Large
50 Dullahan Rare Large
51 Large Air Elemental Rare Large
52 Large Earth Elemental Rare Large
53 Large Fire Elemental Rare Large
54 Large Water Elemental Rare Large
55 Gargantuan Blue Dragon Promo Gargantuan