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Skull & Shackles

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Fantasy Figures
Release Date: 
Minis Count: 
# Mini Rarity Size
1 Grindylow Common Small
2 Rat Swarm Common Small
3 Bloodbug Common Small
4 Vine Choker Common Small
5 Lady Ghoul Common Medium
6 Sea Devil Common Medium
7 Chelish Marine Common Medium
8 Sea Devil Champion Common Medium
9 Wererat Common Medium
10 Elder Brykolakas Common Medium
11 Greater Host Devil Common Medium
12 Wereshark Pirate Common Medium
13 Pirate Sailor Common Medium
14 Pirate Smuggler Common Medium
15 Sentinel Devil Common Medium
16 Ambrose Kroop Uncommon Medium
17 Barnabus Harrigan Uncommon Medium
18 Admiral Thrune Uncommon Medium
19 Sandara Quinn Uncommon Medium
20 Selissa Uncommon Medium
21 Tsadok Goldtooth Uncommon Medium
22 Kerdak Bonefist Uncommon Medium
23 Master of the Gales Uncommon Medium
24 Tess Fairwind Uncommon Medium
25 Luccaria Uncommon Medium
26 Jakaw Razorbeak Uncommon Medium
27 Arronax Endymion Uncommon Medium
28 Hellknight Paralictor Uncommon Medium
29 Giant Wasp Uncommon Large
30 Sea Cat Uncommon Large
31 Shimerae Uncommon Large
32 Shark Uncommon Large
33 Hammerhead Shark Uncommon Large
34 Cyclops Uncommon Large
35 Sea Troll Uncommon Large
36 Drowning Devil Uncommon Large
37 Aquatic Naga Uncommon Large
38 Rosie Cusswell Rare Small
39 The Eel Rare Small
40 Brinebrood Queen Rare Small
41 Golden Guardian Rare Small
42 Seltiyel, Half-Elf Magus Rare Medium
43 Lirianne Rare Medium
44 Isabella Locke Rare Medium
45 Whalebone Pilk Rare Medium
46 Gilbrok the Tongue Rare Medium
47 Duppy Rare Medium
48 The Whale Rare Large
49 The Matron Rare Large
50 Daughter of Imerta Rare Large
51 Paeta Rare Large
52 Cannon Golem Rare Large
53 Captain Riptooth Rare Large
54 Seaweed Siren Rare Large
55 Gargantuan Skeletal Dragon Promo Gargantuan