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Wrath of the Righteous

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There are 55 figures in this set.
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Fantasy Figures
Release Date: 
# Mini Rarity Size
1 Brimorak Common Small
2 Sloth Demon Common Medium
3 Baphomet Cultist Common Medium
4 Will-o-Wisp Common Small
5 Berbalang Common Medium
6 Schir Demon Common Medium
7 Lost Soul Common Medium
8 Blood Demon Common Medium
9 Demoniac Uncommon Medium
10 Invidiak Common Medium
11 Mongrel Common Medium
12 Slime Demon Common Medium
13 Deskari Cultist Common Medium
14 Vermlek Demon Common Medium
15 Abrikandilu Demon Common Medium
16 Demonic Familiar Uncommon Small
17 Basilisk Uncommon Medium
18 Shaggy Fiend Uncommon Medium
19 Slimy Fiend Uncommon Medium
20 Tarry Fiend Common Medium
21 Incubus Uncommon Medium
22 Death Demon Uncommon Medium
23 Low Templar Uncommon Medium
24 Horned Demon Uncommon Medium
25 Mongrel Huntress Uncommon Medium
26 Suicide Demon Uncommon Medium
27 Alain, Human Cavalier Uncommon Medium
28 Imrijka Uncommon Medium
29 Jaruunicka Uncommon Large
30 Locust Demon Uncommon Large
31 Frost Drake Uncommon Large
32 Rift Drake Uncommon Large
33 Mounted Alain Uncommon Large
34 Vescavor Queen Uncommon Large
35 Half-Fiend Minotaur Uncommon Large
36 Minotaur Uncommon Large
37 Grimslake Uncommon Large
38 Gimcrak Rare Small
39 Arueshalae Rare Medium
40 Areelu Vorlesh Rare Medium
41 Queen Galfrey Rare Medium
42 Faxon Rare Medium
43 Staunton Vhane Rare Medium
44 Minagho Rare Medium
45 Nocticula Rare Medium
46 Irabeth Rare Medium
47 Xanthir Vang Rare Medium
48 Dominion Invader Rare Large
49 Baphomet Rare Large
50 Khorramzadeh Rare Large
51 Hepzamirah Rare Large
52 Mythic Chimera Rare Large
53 Aponavicius Rare Large
54 Gibrileth Demon Rare Large
55 Deskari, Lord of the Locust Host Case Incentive Gargantuan