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Bounty Hunters

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There are 60 figures in this set.
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Sci-Fi Figures
Release Date: 
# Mini Rarity Size
1 ISP Speeder Rare Huge
2 Commerce Guild Homing Spider Droid Uncommon Huge
3 Corporate Alliance Tank Droid Uncommon Huge
4 Droid Starfighter in Walking Mode Rare Huge
5 Huge Crab Droid Uncommon Huge
6 Chewbacca with C-3PO Very Rare Medium
7 Han Solo, Scoundrel Very Rare Medium
8 Luke Skywalker of Dagobah Rare Medium
9 Princess Leia, Hoth Commander Rare Medium
10 Rebel Captain Uncommon Medium
11 Rebel Heavy Trooper Uncommon Medium
12 Rebel Snowspeeder Uncommon Huge
13 Lord Vader Very Rare Medium
14 Talon Karrde Very Rare Medium
15 Aqualish Assassin Common Medium
16 Ayy Vida Rare Medium
17 Bib Fortuna Rare Medium
18 Bith Black Sun Vigo Uncommon Medium
19 Boba Fett, Bounty Hunter Very Rare Medium
20 BoShek Rare Medium
21 Bossk, Bounty Hunter Rare Medium
22 Boushh Rare Medium
23 Calo Nord Rare Medium
24 Corellian Pirate Uncommon Medium
25 Dannik Jerriko Very Rare Medium
26 Dark Hellion Marauder on Swoop Bike Uncommon Large
27 Dark Hellion Swoop Gang Member Common Medium
28 Defel Spy Common Medium
29 Dengar, Bounty Hunter Rare Medium
30 Djas Puhr Rare Medium
31 E522 Assassin Droid Uncommon Medium
32 4-LOM, Bounty Hunter Rare Medium
33 Gamorrean Thug Common Medium
34 Garindan Rare Medium
35 Human Blaster-For-Hire Common Medium
36 IG-88, Bounty Hunter Very Rare Medium
37 Jango Fett, Bounty Hunter Very Rare Medium
38 Klatoonian Hunter Common Medium
39 Komari Vosa Rare Medium
40 Mistryl Shadow Guard Uncommon Medium
41 Mustafarian Flea Rider Rare Huge
42 Mustafarian Soldier Common Medium
43 Nikto Gunner on Desert Skiff Very Rare Huge
44 Nym Very Rare Medium
45 Quarren Bounty Hunter Common Medium
46 Rodian Hunt Master Uncommon Medium
47 Tamtel Skreej (Lando Calrissian) Very Rare Medium
48 Tusken Raider Sniper Common Medium
49 Utapauan on Dactillion Rare Huge
50 Weequay Leader Uncommon Medium
51 Weequay Thug Common Medium
52 Young Krayt Dragon Very Rare Huge
53 Zuckuss Rare Medium
54 Basilisk War Droid Uncommon Huge
55 Mandalore the Indomitable Very Rare Medium
56 Mandalorian Blademaster Uncommon Medium
57 Mandalorian Commander Uncommon Medium
58 Mandalorian Soldier Common Medium
59 Mandalorian Supercommando Uncommon Medium
60 Mandalorian Warrior Common Medium