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The Force Unleashed

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Sci-Fi Figures
Release Date: 
# Mini Rarity Size
1 Darth Revan Very Rare Medium
2 Kazdan Paratus Rare Medium
3 Shaak Ti, Jedi Master Very Rare Medium
4 Chewbacca of Hoth Very Rare Medium
5 Elite Hoth Trooper Common Medium
6 Golan Arms DF.9 Anti-infantry Battery Uncommon Huge
7 Han Solo in Carbonite Very Rare Medium
8 Han Solo of Hoth Very Rare Medium
9 Hoth Trooper Officer Uncommon Medium
10 Hoth Trooper with Repeating Blaster Canon Uncommon Large
11 Juno Eclipse Rare Medium
12 K-3PO Rare Medium
13 Luke Skywalker, Hoth Pilot Unleashed Rare Medium
14 Luke Skywalker and Yoda Very Rare Medium
15 Luke's Snowspeeder Very Rare Huge
16 Master Kota Rare Medium
17 Mon Calamari Medic Common Medium
18 Obi-Wan Kenobi, Unleashed Rare Medium
19 Princess Leia of Cloud City Rare Medium
20 Rebel Marksman Uncommon Medium
21 Rebel Troop Cart Uncommon Huge
22 Rebel Trooper on Tauntaun Rare Large
23 Rebel Vanguard Uncommon Medium
24 2-1B Rare Medium
25 Vader's Apprentice, Redeemed Rare Medium
26 Verpine Tech Common Medium
27 Wedge Antilles, Red 2 Rare Medium
28 Wookiee Warrior Common Medium
29 Admiral Ozzel Rare Medium
30 AT-AT Driver Uncommon Medium
31 Darktrooper Uncommon Medium
32 Darth Vader, Unleashed Very Rare Medium
33 Emperor's Shadow Guard Uncommon Medium
34 Evo Trooper Uncommon Medium
35 Felucian Stormtrooper Officer Uncommon Medium
36 Gotal Imperial Assassin Common Medium
37 Imperial Navy Trooper Common Medium
38 Raxus Prime Trooper Common Medium
39 Snowtrooper Common Medium
40 Star Destroyer Officer Uncommon Medium
41 Stormtrooper Uncommon Medium
42 TIE Crawler Uncommon Huge
43 Vader's Apprentice, Unleashed Very Rare Medium
44 Wookiee Hunter AT-ST Rare Huge
45 Garm Bel Iblis Rare Medium
46 Amanin Scout Uncommon Medium
47 Boba Fett, Mercenary Very Rare Medium
48 Caamasi Noble Common Medium
49 Cloud Car Pilot Common Medium
50 Felucian Warrior on Rancor Very Rare Huge
51 Junk Golem Uncommon Huge
52 Knobby White Spider Uncommon Huge
53 Maris Brood Very Rare Medium
54 Muun Tactics Broker Common Medium
55 Mynock Uncommon Small
56 Proxy Rare Medium
57 Telosian Tank Droid Uncommon Huge
58 Uggernaught Rare Huge
59 Ugnaught Boss Uncommon Small
60 Ugnaught Tech Common Small