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Imperial Entanglements

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There are 40 figures in this set.
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Sci-Fi Figures
Release Date: 
# Mini Rarity Size
1 Bothan Commando Common Medium
2 C-3PO, Ewok Diety Very Rare Medium
3 General Crix Madine Rare Medium
4 General Rieekan Very Rare Medium
5 Leia, Bounty Hunter Very Rare Medium
6 Luke Skywalker, Rebel Commando Very Rare Medium
7 Rebel Commando Pathfinder Uncommon Medium
8 Rebel Trooper Common Medium
9 R2-D2 with Extended Sensor Rare Small
10 Veteran Rebel Commando Common Medium
11 Arica Rare Medium
12 Darth Vader, Legacy of the Force Very Rare Medium
13 Emperor Palpatine on Throne Very Rare Large
14 Imperial Dignitary Uncommon Medium
15 Moff Jerjerrod Rare Medium
16 181st Imperial Pilot Uncommon Medium
17 Sandtrooper Common Medium
18 Sandtrooper Officer Uncommon Medium
19 Scout Trooper Common Medium
20 Shock Trooper Uncommon Medium
21 Snowtrooper Common Medium
22 Snowtrooper Commander Uncommon Medium
23 Stormtrooper Common Medium
24 Thrawn (Mitth'raw'nuruodo) Rare Medium
25 Kyp Durron Rare Medium
26 Bacta Tank Uncommon Large
27 Bespin Guard Common Medium
28 Chiss Mercenary Common Medium
29 Dash Rendar, Renegade Smuggler Very Rare Medium
30 Duros Scout Common Medium
31 Ewok Scout Common Medium
32 Jawa Scavenger Common Medium
33 Lobot, Computer Liaison Officer Rare Medium
34 Logray, Ewok Shaman Rare Medium
35 Mercenary Commander Uncommon Medium
36 Mouse Droid Uncommon Small
37 Twi'lek Black Sun Vigo Uncommon Medium
38 Ugnaught Droid Destroyer Uncommon Medium
39 Whiphid Tracker Uncommon Medium
40 Xizor Very Rare Medium