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Revenge of the Sith

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There are 60 figures in this set.
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Sci-Fi Figures
Release Date: 
# Mini Rarity Size
1 Agen Kolar, Jedi Master Rare Medium
2 Alderaan Trooper Uncommon Medium
3 Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Knight Rare Medium
4 AT-RT Very Rare Large
5 Bail Organa Very Rare Medium
6 Captain Antilles Rare Medium
7 Chewbacca Of Kashyyyk Very Rare Medium
8 Clone Trooper Common Medium
9 Clone Trooper Common Medium
10 Clone Trooper Commander Uncommon Medium
11 Clone Trooper Gunner Common Medium
12 Jedi Knight Uncommon Medium
13 Mace Windu, Jedi Master Very Rare Medium
14 Mon Mothma Very Rare Medium
15 Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Master Rare Medium
16 Polis Massa Medic Common Medium
17 R2-D2, Astromech Droid Very Rare Small
18 Senate Guard Uncommon Medium
19 Shaak Ti Rare Medium
20 Stass Allie Rare Medium
21 Tarrful Rare Medium
22 Wookiee Berserker Common Medium
23 Wookie Scout Uncommon Medium
24 Yoda, Jedi Master Rare Small
25 Battle Droid Common Medium
26 Battle Droid Common Medium
27 Bodyguard Droid Uncommon Medium
28 Bodyguard Droid Uncommon Medium
29 Darth Tyranus Rare Medium
30 Destroyer Droid Rare Large
31 General Grievous, Jedi Hunter Very Rare Medium
32 General Grievous, Supreme Commander Rare Medium
33 Grievous's Wheelbike Very Rare Large
34 Muun Guard Uncommon Medium
35 Nemoidian Soldier Uncommon Medium
36 Nemoidian Soldier Uncommon Medium
37 San Hill Rare Medium
38 Separatist Commando Common Medium
39 Super Battle Droid Common Medium
40 Super Battle Droid Common Medium
41 Wat Tambor Rare Medium
42 Boba Fett, Young Mercenary Rare Medium
43 Chagrian Mercenary Commander Uncommon Medium
44 Devaronian Soldier Common Medium
45 Gotal Fringer Uncommon Medium
46 Human Mercenary Uncommon Medium
47 Iktotchi Tech Specialist Uncommon Medium
48 Medical Droid Rare Medium
49 Nautolan Soldier Common Medium
50 Sly Moore Rare Medium
51 Tion Medon Very Rare Medium
52 Utapaun Soldier Common Medium
53 Utapaun Soldier Common Medium
54 Yuzzem Common Medium
55 Zabrak Fringer Common Medium
56 Anakin Skywalker, Sith Apprentice Very Rare Medium
57 Dark Side Adept Uncommon Medium
58 Darth Vader Very Rare Medium
59 Emperor Palpatine, Sith Lord Very Rare Medium
60 Royal Guard Uncommon Medium