Starfinder Prepainted Miniatures

Starfinder Wave 1

NOTE: This set has not been released yet. Figures and other details are subject to change.

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There are 15 figures in this set.
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Sci-Fi Figures
Set (Taxonomy): 
Starfinder Wave 1
# Mini Rarity Size
Altronus, Kasatha Solarian (No Rarity) Medium
Atech Immortal (No Rarity)
Blackwind Sepulcher (No Rarity)
Death's Head Necroglider (No Rarity)
Iseph, Android Operative (No Rarity) Medium
Keskodai, Shirren Mystic (No Rarity) Medium
Kevolari Venture (No Rarity)
Navasi, Human Envoy (No Rarity) Medium
Obozaya, Vesk Soldier (No Rarity) Medium
Quig, Ysoki Mechanic (No Rarity) Medium
Raia, Lashunta Technomancer (No Rarity) Medium
Ringworks Wanderer (No Rarity)
Scout, Quig's Drone (No Rarity) Medium
Sunrise Maiden (No Rarity)
Thaumtech Omenbringer (No Rarity)