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D&D Basic Game (2006)

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Fantasy Figures

This revised version of the 2004 basic set features 12 prepainted miniatures, including a Large Blue Dragon.

Release Date: 
Minis Count: 
# Mini Rarity Size
Blue Dragon (No Rarity) Large
Carn, Human Rogue (No Rarity) Medium
Dothal, Dwarf Cleric (No Rarity) Medium
Gargoyle (No Rarity) Medium
Goblin Warrior (No Rarity) Small
Harpy (No Rarity) Medium
Lanin, Elf Wizard (No Rarity) Medium
Orc Mauler (No Rarity) Medium
Regdar, Human Fighter (No Rarity) Medium
Skeleton (No Rarity) Medium
Young Minotaur (No Rarity) Medium