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Monster Menagerie II

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There are 71 figures in this set.
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Fantasy Figures

59-figure set.

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Minis Count: 
Set (Taxonomy): 
Monster Menagerie II
# Mini Rarity Size
Adventurer's Pack Case Incentive Small
Bag of Holding Case Incentive Small
Bedroll Case Incentive Medium
Camp Fire Case Incentive Tiny
Cooking Pot Case Incentive Medium
Drow Elite Warrior (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Elf Fighter (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Ezmerelda's Wagon Case Incentive Huge
Half-Gold Dragon Sorcerer (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Half-Orc Barbarian (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Halfling Rogue (Invisible) Very Rare Small
Horse Case Incentive Large
Human Cleric (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Human Monk (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Human Wizard (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Keg Case Incentive Medium
Mind Flayer (Invisible, Unarmed) Very Rare Medium
Mind Flayer (Invisible, Dagger) Very Rare Medium
Pile of Sacks Case Incentive Medium
Scroll Case Incentive Tiny
Spellbook Case Incentive Tiny
Tiefling Warlock (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Treasure Chest Case Incentive Medium
Weapon Rack Case Incentive Large
1 Giant Rat Common Medium
2 Kobold (Club) Common Small
3 Goblin (Sword) Common Small
4 Halfling Rogue Common Small
5 Bullywug Common Medium
6 Drow Elite Warrior Common Medium
7 Orc (Hammer) Common Medium
8 Ghast Common Medium
9 Human Cleric Common Medium
10 Human Monk Common Medium
11 Elf Fighter Common Medium
12 Bugbear (Axe) Common Medium
13 Sahuagin Common Medium
14 Kobold (Axe) Uncommon Small
15 Goblin (Axe) Uncommon Small
16 (Orc) Uncommon Medium
17 Bugbear (Greataxe) Uncommon Medium
18A Hobgoblin (Shield) Uncommon Medium
18B Hobgoblin (Helmet) Uncommon Medium
19 Half-Orc Barbarian Uncommon Medium
20A Gnoll (Unarmed) Uncommon Medium
20B Gnoll (Flail) Uncommon Medium
21 (Human Wizard) Uncommon Medium
22 Sea Hag Uncommon Medium
23 Brass Dragon Wyrmling Uncommon Medium
24 White Dragon Wyrmling Uncommon Medium
25 Black Pudding Uncommon Large
26 Clay Golem Uncommon Large
27 Hippogriff Uncommon Large
28 Iron Golem Uncommon Large
29 Planetar Angel Uncommon Large
30 Stone Golem Uncommon Large
31 Worg Uncommon Large
32 Galeb Duhr Rare Medium
33A Uthgardt Barbarian (Bald) Rare Medium
33B Uthgardt Barbarian (Hair) Rare Medium
34A Mind Flayer (Unarmed) Rare Medium
34B Mind Flayer (Dagger) Rare Medium
35 Tiefling Warlock Rare Medium
36 Grick Rare Medium
37 Half-Gold Dragon Sorcerer Rare Medium
38 Gold Dragon Wyrmling Rare Medium
39 Red Dragon Wyrmling Rare Medium
40 Young Black Dragon Rare Large
41 Gynosphinx Rare Large
42 Beholder Rare Large
43 Androsphinx Rare Large