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Sci-Fi Figures
Release Date: 
# Mini Rarity Size
1 Chewbacca Rare Medium
2 Elite Hoth Trooper Uncommon Medium
3 Han Solo, Scoundrel Very Rare Medium
4 Luke Skywalker Of Dagobah Rare Medium
5 Princess Leia, Rebel Hero Very Rare Medium
6 R2-D2 Rare Small
7 Rebel Captain Uncommon Medium
8 Rebel Heavy Trooper Uncommon Medium
9 Rebel Pilot Common Medium
10 Rebel Trooper Common Medium
11 Rebel Trooper Common Medium
12 Darth Vader, Champion of the Sith Very Rare Medium
13 Elite Snowtrooper Uncommon Medium
14 Emperor Palpatine Very Rare Medium
15 General Veers Rare Medium
16 Grand Moff Tarkin Rare Medium
17 Heavy Stormtrooper Uncommon Medium
18 Imperial Officer Uncommon Medium
19 Mara Jade, Emperor's Hand Rare Medium
20 Stormtrooper Common Medium
21 Stormtrooper Common Medium
22 Stormtrooper Common Medium
23 Boba Fett Very Rare Medium
24 Rodian Hunt Master Uncommon Medium