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Storm King's Thunder

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There are 57 figures in this set.
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Fantasy Figures

Set consists of:

48 blind-packaged figures (including variant weapons)
1 Gargantuan Promo figure
8 Invisible variants

Release Date: 
Minis Count: 
Set (Taxonomy): 
Storm King's Thunder
# Mini Rarity Size
Bandit Captain (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Cazi Alphelandra (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Crag Ungart (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Helena Nostrum (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Kleef Kenric (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Lai Antolio (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Night Hag (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
Solara Thann (Invisible) Very Rare Medium
1 Intellect Devourer Common Small
2 Sprite (Sword) Common Small
3 Sprite (Bow) Common Small
4 Darkmantle Common Medium
5 Homunculus Common Small
6 Cazi Alphelandra Common Medium
7 Crag Ungart Common Medium
8 Giant Frog Common Medium
9 Scarecrow Common Medium
10 Kenku (Sword) Common Medium
11 Kenku (Bow) Common Medium
12 Yochlol Common Medium
13 Hell Hound Common Medium
14 Bandit Captain Uncommon Medium
15 Bandit Uncommon Medium
16 Thri-Kreen (Spear) Uncommon Medium
17 Thri-Kreen (Shuriken) Uncommon Medium
18 Githzerai Monk (Dagger) Uncommon Medium
19 Githzerai Monk (Flame) Uncommon Medium
20 Kleef Kenric Uncommon Medium
21 Wight Uncommon Medium
22 Yuan-Ti Pureblood (Sword) Uncommon Medium
23 Yuan-Ti Pureblood (Bow) Uncommon Medium
24 Azer Uncommon Medium
25 Winter Wolf Uncommon Large
26 Fomorian Uncommon Large
27 Fire Giant Uncommon Huge
28A Cloud Giant (Scimitar) Uncommon Huge
28B Cloud Giant (spear) Uncommon Huge
29A Frost Giant (Sword) Uncommon Huge
29B Frost Giant (Axe) Uncommon Huge
30 Stone Giant Uncommon Huge
31A Hill Giant (Club) Uncommon Huge
31B Hill Giant (Spear) Uncommon Huge
32A Fire Giant (Hammer) Uncommon Huge
32B Fire Giant (Mace) Uncommon Huge
33 Solara Thann Rare Medium
34 Night Hag Rare Medium
35 Yuan-Ti Malison Rare Medium
36 Yuan-Ti Malison Rare Medium
37 Yuan-Ti Malison Rare Medium
38 Helena Nostrum Rare Medium
39 Yuan-Ti Abomination Rare Medium
40 Lai Antolio Rare Medium
41 King Hekaton Rare Huge
42 Countess Sansuri Rare Huge
43 Harshnag Rare Huge
44 Lymrith Rare Huge
45 Chief Guh Case Incentive Gargantuan