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Rage of Demons

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There are 55 figures in this set.
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Fantasy Figures
Release Date: 
Minis Count: 
# Mini Rarity Size
1 Derro Common Medium
2 Dretch Demon Common Medium
3 Kobold Guard Common Medium
4 Goblin Archer Common Medium
5 Quasit Common Medium
6 Cockatrice Common Medium
7 Duergar Fighter Common Medium
8 Shield Dwarf Wizard Common Medium
9 Kuo-Toa Fighter Common Medium
10 Grimlock Common Medium
11 Lizard Folk Fighter Common Medium
12 Hobgoblin Soldier Common Medium
13 Drow Scout Common Medium
14 Human Wizard Uncommon Medium
15 Half-Orc Paladin Uncommon Medium
16 Drow Captain Uncommon Medium
17 Quaggoth Uncommon Medium
18 Ettercap Uncommon Medium
19 Water Myrmidon Uncommon Medium
20 Shadow Demon Uncommon Medium
21 Banshee Uncommon Medium
22 Air Myrmidon Uncommon Medium
23 Drow Archmage Uncommon Medium
24 Kuo-Toa Archpriest Uncommon Medium
25 Troll Uncommon Large
26 Drider Uncommon Large
27 Carrion Crawler Uncommon Large
28 Roper Uncommon Large
29 Vrock Demon Uncommon Large
30 Chasme Demon Uncommon Large
31 Nightmare Uncommon Large
32 Djinn Uncommon Large
33 Efreet Uncommon Large
34 Wood Elf Archer Rare Medium
35 Blink Dog Rare Medium
36 Bugbear Hunter Rare Medium
37 Gnoll Champion of Yeenoghu Rare Medium
38 Mind Flayer Lich Rare Medium
39 Rust Monster Rare Medium
40 Xorn Rare Medium
41 Copper Dragon Rare Medium
42 Helmed Horror Rare Medium
43 Grell Rare Medium
44 Spectator Rare Medium
45 Hook Horror Rare Large
46 Gold Dragon Rare Large
47 Nalfeshnee Demon Rare Large
48 Red Dracolich Rare Large
49 Beholder Rare Large
50 White Dracolich Case Incentive Gargantuan
51 Invisible Human Wizard Very Rare Medium
52 Invisible Blink Dog Very Rare Medium
53 Invisible Mind Flayer Lich Very Rare Medium
54 Gold Shadow Dragon Very Rare Large
55 Shadow Beholder Very Rare Large