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Monster Manual: Savage Encounters

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There are 40 figures in this set.
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Fantasy Figures
Release Date: 
# Mini Rarity Size
1 Adult Gray Dragon Rare Large
2 Adult Purple Dragon Rare Large
3 Angel of Valor Legionnaire Uncommon Medium
4 Black Slaad Rare Large
5 Bloodspike Behemoth Rare Large
6 Bodak Skulk Uncommon Medium
7 Bullywug Guard Common Medium
8 Bullywug Mud Lord Rare Medium
9 Death Giant Rare Large
10 Death Knight Rare Medium
11 Deathrattle Viper Common Medium
12 Drider Fanglord Very Rare Large
13 Foulspawn Berserker Uncommon Medium
14 Githyanki Gish Uncommon Medium
15 Githyanki Mindslicer Uncommon Medium
16 Goblin Skullcleaver Common Small
17 Goblin Wolf Rider Uncommon Medium
18 Gray Slaad Uncommon Medium
19 Grazzt Rare Medium
20 Greenvise Vine Very Rare Large
21 Hobgoblin Hand of Bane Rare Medium
22 Human Outrider Very Rare Large
23 Inhabited Corpse / Fallen Villager Common Medium
24 Legion Devil Legionnaire Common Medium
25 Marilith Rare Large
26 Nightwalker Rare Large
27 Norker Common Small
28 Rat Swarm Common Medium
29 Rockfire Dreadnought Very Rare Large
30 Salamander Archer Very Rare Large
31 Savage Minotaur Very Rare Large
32 Shardstorm Vortex Uncommon Medium
33 Skeletal Cyclops Very Rare Large
34 Skeletal Tiefling Common Medium
35 Sorrowsworn Reaper Rare Medium
36 Specter Uncommon Medium
37 Tiefling Necromancer Rare Medium
38 Vampire Guildmaster Rare Medium
39 Windfiend Fury Rare Large
40 Zombie Hulk Very Rare Large