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Lords of Madness

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Fantasy Figures
Release Date: 
# Mini Rarity Size
1 Arcane Portal Uncommon Medium
2 Astral Giant Uncommon Large
3 Bebilith Very Rare Huge
4 Bloodfiend Rare Medium
5 Brain in a Jar Rare Small
6 Cloaker Ambusher Rare Large
7 Crownwing Rare Large
8 C'tallum, Astral Hunter Very Rare Medium
9 Deva Fanatic Rare Medium
10 Dispater, Iron Duke of Hell Very Rare Medium
11 Draegloth Abomination Rare Huge
12 Dragonborn Elementalist Rare Medium
13 Dwarf Beguiler Rare Medium
14 Efreet Flameblade Uncommon Large
15 Elder Blue Dragon Very Rare Huge
16 Elder Copper Dragon Very Rare Huge
17 Fettered Dracolich Rare Large
18 Feymire Crocodile Uncommon Huge
19 Fomorian Painbringer Rare Huge
20 Heroslayer Hydra Very Rare Huge
21 Human Marauder Uncommon Medium
22 Human Town Guard Common Medium
23 Iron Golem Juggernaut Uncommon Huge
24 Kalliroth, Githyanki Pirate Very Rare Medium
25 Kenku Warrior Common Medium
26 Kenku Wing Mage Rare Medium
27 Kobold Slinger Common Small
28 Manshoon Very Rare Medium
29 Mephistopheles, Lord of Cania Very Rare Large
30 Mind Flayer Noble Very Rare Large
31 Minotaur Mangler Uncommon Medium
32 Nalfeshnee Tyrant Rare Huge
33 Neogi Great Old Master Very Rare Large
34 Neogi Slaver Rare Medium
35 Oni Night Haunter Uncommon Large
36 Orc Archer Common Medium
37 Orc Warchief Rare Medium
38 Rime Hound Uncommon Huge
39 Roc Rare Huge
40 Rot Grub Swarm Common Medium
41 Rot Harbinger Rare Medium
42 Shadar-Kai Warrior Common Medium
43 Shadar-Kai Witch Rare Medium
44 Shardmind Dominator Rare Medium
45 Skeleton Common Medium
46 Spell Weaver Rare Medium
47 Stone Giant Uncommon Large
48 Stormclaw Scorpion Uncommon Medium
49 Swordwing Rare Medium
50 Thri-kreen Mantis Warrior Rare Medium
51 Trapped Chest Uncommon Small
52 Trebuchet Uncommon Huge
53 Trihorn Behemoth Uncommon Huge
54 Water Archon Shoal Reaver Uncommon Medium
55 Will O'Wisp Uncommon Small
56 Yeenoghu Very Rare Large
57 Young Volcanic Dragon Rare Large
58 Zhent Cavalry Uncommon Large
59 Zhent Champion Uncommon Medium
60 Zhent Soldier Common Medium