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WizKids Launches Tomb of Annihilation

Tomb of Annihilation setWizkids and Wizards of the Coast have released the latest set in the Icons of the Realms miniatures line: Tomb of An

Content Update: Case Incentive Figure Listings Have Changed

Important news for collectors of Icons of the Realms and Pathfinder Battles figures. We've changed the way case incentive figures are listed on the site.

Wizkids Releases Epic Level Starter for Icons of the Realms

Today, Wizkids released the latest non-blind starter pack for the Icons of the Realms miniatures line.

WizKids Announces Tomb of Annihilation Set

Wizkids, in partnership with Wizards of the Coast has announced the next set in its Icons of the Realms miniatures line: Tomb Of Annihilation.

Conan: Rise of Monsters Kickstarter Terrain Preview

On June 13, Pulposaurus is launching the campaign for Conan: Rise of Monsters (or CROM, for short.) The game looks to be a fun, fast-paced skirmish game with some amazing-looking prepainted miniatures.

Navigation Upgraded as First in a New Round of Site Enhancements

Things have been a bit quiet of late, a little like the calm before a storm. Lots of work has been happening behind the scenes, all with an eye toward making the site easier and more fun to use. First up in the new round of enhancements is our brand new main menu!

Crown of Fangs Released

WizKids and Paizo have released the newest set in the Pathfinder Battles miniatures line: Crown of Fangs. The set features over 50 figures, many of which tie in to the Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure path.

Deadly Foes and Monster Menagerie II Have Arrived!

The new year is here, and with it comes a double-dose of miniature collecting goodness for Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons fans.

WizKids Releases Storm King's Thunder

The Storm King's Thunder set was just released from Wizkids and Wizards of the Coast. It's a big set in all senses of the word. With 57 total figures, it's the largest Icons of the Realms set since Tyranny of Dragons.