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Fantasy Figures
Release Date: 
# Mini Rarity Size
1 Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut Rare Medium
2 Kuyutha, Exarch of Bahamut Rare Large
3 Halfling Archer Uncommon Medium
4 Mezzodemon Uncommon Medium
5 Grinning Imp Uncommon Small
6 Infernal Armor Common Medium
7 Rakshasa Assassin Rare Medium
8 Tiefling Cleric of Asmodeus Uncommon Medium
9 Vicious Bearded Devil Rare Medium
10 Deathgrasp Sarcophagus Uncommon Medium
11 Drow Adventurer Uncommon Medium
12 Drow Demonbinder Rare Medium
13 Lolthbound Goblin Common Small
14 Runespiral Demon Common Small
15 Shardsoul Slayer Uncommon Medium
16 Solamith Rare Large
17 Soulrider Devil Uncommon Medium
18 Deathlock Wight Common Medium
19 Draegloth Favored One Rare Large
20 Drow Assassin Common Medium
21 Shadow Flayer Rare Medium
22 Spiderbound Drow Warrior Uncommon Medium
23 Thoon Hulk Rare Large
24 Black Dragon Lurker Rare Large
25 Concord Illithid Rare Medium
26 Phaseweb Spider Uncommon Large
27 Skull Lord Rare Medium
28 Gnoll Demon Adept Uncommon Medium
29 Yuan-Ti Malison Incanter Rare Medium
30 Ogre Pulverizer Uncommon Large
31 Stormrage Blue Dragon Rare Large
32 Bugbear Strangler Uncommon Medium
33 Bugbear Warrior Uncommon Medium
34 Human Bandit Common Medium
35 Spiretop Drake Uncommon Small
36 Scythejaw Uncommon Medium
37 Autumn Wind Ranger Rare Medium
38 Blood Slaad Rare Large
39 Brutal Ogre Warhulk Rare Large
40 Curse Slaad Rare Large
41 Cyclops Hewer Rare Large
42 Ettin Spirit-Talker Rare Large
43 Minotaur Warrior Rare Medium
44 Sharn Redcloak Common Medium
45 Warforged Battle Champion Uncommon Medium
46 Corruption Corpse Uncommon Medium
47 Hobgoblin Warcaster Common Medium
48 Guard Drake Common Medium
49 Quickling Runner Uncommon Small
50 Kruthik Hive Lord Uncommon Large
51 Troglodyte Brute Common Medium
52 Troglodyte Curse Chanter Uncommon Medium
53 Crazed Kuo-Toa Common Medium
54 Deathcap Uncommon Medium
55 Kruthik Adult Common Medium
56 Stirge Drone Uncommon Small
57 Web Golem Rare Large
58 Dire Bear Mauler Uncommon Large
59 Girallon Rare Large
60 Iron Dragon Prowler Rare Large